Requiem Melody

for she lived a common normal life which sometimes sounds fool

accepting the things supposed to be

the bitters of life bite her tough body and soul

but she was just as silent as a tree


those who thought those days were pain

just don’t get that they are the path

for things in desire to gain

she didn’t think but walked her way to the death



angering, you world

laughing, you heaven

crying, you hell



she already slept in eternity


(Bandung, 3 November 2013)

to the Hari Pahlawan 10 November 2013, 2014 election, and Independence Day of Indonesia the 69th


Tell Me The Tale


self revolution

‘revolution without ejaculation’

“pride and prejudice”, option

I want revolution by heart!

Bandung, 28 October 2013


The ‘revolution without ejaculation’ was translated from original line of “Revolusi tanpa ejakulasi!” – a line I heard in the show of Menjahit Marat/Sade at UIN on 26 October 2013.

“Pride and Prejudice” is from a title of a novel by Jane Austen (first published in 1813).

(Putri Sarinande)

Life in Year 2013 (My Life My Never-ending Journey)

Damn. I just deleted my post. For i put password before. When i edited it, i thought it was published as a new one – so i deleted the previous, while this WP was still refreshing.

Okay. Let’s make it simple. What’s new? It’s just; i got Didit my Gingerbread Smartass-cellphone. He has a girlfriend named Vivi (a beautiful silver-brown Power Bank). The money to get them was from a commision, helped sellin momz sistah’s house.

Another new thing? Nothin. I just started my brand new life after having a stagnant-life for the whole awesome-age year (ya know, that Curt Kobain age) and fell down for myself by myself; that i straight turn-round my pathway.

Speaking of pathway, I’m now available on Path. Feel free to join mine, guys..


See the image above? Yepz. That’s my new student ID card. Yippie,,, get back to school..

Okay. Catch up on later post. Bye for now. Please comment on this story.

Bandung, 20 July 2013


ode for : Son of The Sun

to the son of Ra – the god of Egypt

waiting for the sun - The Doors

i’m looking for you.

where have you been?

you were in her heart?

no, she’s fake.

i’m just missing you

Banjaran – Bandung, 19 June 2012

re-write from original version in Bahasa: Matahari.

thanks for all supporting materials.

special thanks to The Doors: Waiting For The Sun 😀

and also the girl who owned the pic (which then i resized 50% from the original version using bloody damn microsoft editor): ManiacalBehavior

So, is it the end of the world – Or Not? (Year 2012)

Non! *Frenchie accent, LOL* 😀

It’s kinda like a brand new moments for me! Good life, good idea, and surely need more good food.

Lemme say hullo first: Saluuuut 😀

Well,,, we’ll see what I can do this year. More awesome writing, and surely my Frenchie 101 Lesson Time. Though I’m using Bing [dot] com sometimes, it’s an effort as well. Non! Stop usin’ bloody-damn google. Do you guys learn somekind of algorithm? Oui,,, it’s like a more-specific-way-o’-searchin. Yea,,, now you can put your faith in bing after google.

So where the heck is god? She’s busy, LOL..

Meanwhile I also learnin’ a lil bit Espanola 101. It happened coz’ I was in a middle of a chat with a friend who had a new friend writing Espanola Poetry. O deer momma mary, what’s on earth.

What’s on earth is, actually I’m gettin’ broke. Not enough money to pay bills of fun, LOL. Business is decreasing. Perhaps I gotta pray more. To momma mary? Non! Now i put my faith in trees. I knew it’s an old-fashion religion. But that is awesome! You know?! Prayin on trees! Try at home when you don’t believe it yet!

So never trust rumor that sayin 2012 is the end of all life, it’s a job of Spielberg I guess. Indeed I love astronomy still (and lil bit of astrology); and that Inca, Maya, and Aztec stories,,, but that Spielberg-aliens-thingy is such a crap guys! *devilish-smile*

So sorry, Spielberg! I knew, you earned your livin from your bloody-hell-awesome imagination…

*sigh* (-___-“)

Trust yourself and your zodiac sign, instead. Well, if you are such a theis, thet put your trust on your god whateva it’s like.

Yeah, stop sayin about god. Let’s talkin about my new look. Remember, I’m sarcastic and also have a bit narcissus-syndrome *laughin and rollin on the floor* 😀

smile, like Monalisa? non! smile like you live such a billonaire-life! 😀

This is even more shorty-hair! Look like a cutey-lil-boy, uh? 😀

Just like poor-queen in that Snow-white And The Huntsman often said; “mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of all?”. I’m murmuring my own spell, then: “Comment ca va? Oui,,, Ca va bien…

Catch up everybody! See ya, when I see ya!

*yeaaah stop it,,, i love u too readers! 😀

What’s on Earth? What’s on Social Media? – Indonesia?

So, surely my observation area would be Indonesia. But, first thing first – what is Social Media?

Based on my own description, Social Media is: Any kind of online media to keep our social life.

I write this, in English, because I wanted to get involved – sharing to the whole wide world (yes, a.k.a www – LOL). What kind of sharing? Well, let’s make the limit for this one. First limit is, country coverage: Indonesia.

Next limit? Second is, popular Social Media. Third will be, habit. And the last as the fourth, will be, the impact.

Indonesia is – after all the sh*t it’s been through – a third world country, even though we won’t find Indonesia listed as third world country on the table. What table? A table, which gave me this sentence: The term Third World was originally coined in times of the Cold War to distinguish those nations that are neither aligned with the West (NATO) nor with the East, the Communist bloc. Today the term is often used to describe the developing countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania. Many poorer nations adopted the term to describe themselves.

I took it from a part of Nations Online web.

Popular social media here, are currently: Facebook and Twitter. In my own analogy of news-media, Facebook is sort of weekly (or even monthly) magazine. Meanwhile Twitter, is sort of daily newspaper. But, i recently learned the term of analyzing and buzzing – which gave a conclusion of, blogging activity is analyzing (yes, for you write something more than 420 characters on Facebook, and 140 on Twitter) and facebooking or twitting is buzzing.

Yes, i claimed myself as a lazy blogger – it’s so clear that, I like buzzing now (rather than analyzing). Here is another but. I read a few articles of Indonesian Blogger. Then I realized that, I write on a few places. Or even, I do that Photo Blog. Reasons of my first photo-blog was my first cellphone camera. So actually, I just have too many places to handle – LOL.

Hold on a sec, what was the purpose of the passage above? Habit. How could writing become a habit, when reading is not a popular habit. How could that happen? Indonesia people (wow, did I put myself as part oh ’em? hahaha) likes passive activity: it’s better when the activities don’t require analyzing which could be meant – thinking is such a lot energy to use. First: Watching TV is preferable than reading – meanwhile Our National Channels are surely stupid in most programs. Second: Popular trash-reading-material are easy to find. What a good combination for us, Indonesia, to be more and more – stupid. This, could explain, the reason, why so many people here: are so reactive!

The passage above explain the habit, still happening – here, in Indonesia. That would continue to the: impact.

What impact? Let me try to explain. We used gadgets to communicate most, than to have a face-to-face communication. After all, it’s still a great thing to do: having a cup of coffee (or some beer) and a face-to-face-chat. Here, I have my last writing about it – especially when you wanted to differ the joy between Social Chat and Business Chat. Please welcome: Social Networking Sites to The Online Business.

A little more for the habit part. It is so, silly that you registered for an email account then it’s just gone away. I found out this from the accidental survey: my current (oh-a-little-bit-professional-paid-but-stupid-system)work on a restaurant brand on Fans Page (yeah, it’s that damn facebook guys). But good news is, I used my skill for Terminal Kopi (Coffee Terminal) – on that two-Indonesia-popular-social-media. Nope, I’m not promoting it – it’s in Bahasa Indonesia anyway guys. LOL.

Back to the impact session. Actually, on the other side, I’ve been thinking that Social Media is a good-enough way to filter: “to have interesting friend to keep in touch with” – and since that may sound oh-so-evil-I-am, let me add with, “to shorten the distance on communication”.

That’s all. This is, a real opinion for public. Feel free to response. Or send me an email for further communication:

Check this image, to get my reason of why Online Data is required (I took a screen-print and made it as JPEG File, so smart I am uh? LOL.)

Bye for now.

Enlightenment – To Enlighten and To Be Enlightened

To lighten and to be lightened – it’s just like when we say, “it takes two to tango”. Well, has been so long since I got lazy to write-up on my own blog. Before I bubble too much, let’s check a “enlighten-and-be-enlightened” image below.

Quite a funny uh? You ain’t no enlighten nothin’ when you think you did enlighten. Make it real. This thing can’t be bubbled-up.

So please let me show you the circle of My Enlightenment World:

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What’s Life? It’s Creep to the Radio Head

I was quite tired with the life until I quit getting tired and star getting bored. Whatever.

Somehow I wished that I was special. But, what is special *get back again with this egg-and-chicken-two-way-monologue*?

So here we go with the lyrics (taken from here):

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What Else, but Love?

“Shower this Earth, with Our Love” – (No-3-B-Princess, 2011)

(Image was taken from here, which I got after do that googling thing using Universal Love as the key-word)

Someone said by the text, “if it comes from love, how can it be wrong?”

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To Do A Kid-Sitting and Learn Something In Return

I was browsing for nothing, until I got interested in Au Pair. Well, I already insert the link, just in case you’d like to check or join.

One of my friends did this about 2 years ago. Her name is Livana Pumadri, from Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia.

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