therefore, i have time to plot my life back on its path. nope. nope that social media named mPath. so, let’s start Lazy Blogger! just like what i posted on my Indonesian version of Princess’ Archieve Closet, i start this with something ya’all say: contemplation.

a friend congratulated my master graduation in an expression that, normally (or kind of communal say),:is addressed for mariage. “selamat menempuh hidup baru, Mput!” which means, literally, welcome to your new life. and that really, reflects my achievement. i finished what i’ve started though i started it wrong.

the campus was Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, the department is Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris. a uni that deals with education, and the expected output was, developing or learning (?) the English teaching in Indonesia which, i am not that interested. this following picture shall start the explanation.

i am interested in the hybrid-knowledge. linguistics with anthropology and forensics. that, shall be a passion. as i am calling the uiverse now, by composing this post, i try to maintain my competence of local languanges (Sunda and Cirebon; Sunda is also a tribe but Cirebon is a transit area, my homeland) while willing to learn more other languages.

i will still struggle my willing but, life is a choice. uh..

anyway, as a lazy blogger, i also try to make myself commit blogging. meanwhile i am writing this post, i am thinking of the interesting knowledge i learned during my master: English Grammar and that syntax tree. or “tatangkalan sintaks” in Sunda language. damn cool knowledge for my mind.

in addition (this kind of conjunction, thanks to Thesis writing), i wonder about the idea, and in practice, of Room to Read. excuse me? nah! I am that Indonesian who ain’t hell care with ‘pursuing marriage in order to be complete’ for I myself, is already complete. hang on, did i grammaticlly correct? what did i try to say? i just want to live my life to the fullest.

to close this scattered-writing, the imge below shall give an additional explanation of what makes me give my focus and state it: this is it!

am i gettin older? nah! i don’t feel like it. que serra que serra, uh.. SAPERE AUDE! \(>_<)/

Regards from This so-damn-exotic Blogger 

12.35 A.M. of monday. 9 january 2017.


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  1. […] Seperti ucapan selamat dari seorang teman, “Selamat Menempuh Hidup Baru, Mput!” maka saya, pertama-tama, hendak mengucapkannya pada diri sendiri. Apakah hidup baru hanya ditujukan pada pernikahan? Diidentikkan, tampaknya, tetapi tidak buat saya. Sebab saya sedang mulai memaknai apa yang diocehkan sebagai ‘Life Begins at Fourty‘. […]

  2. 1N3B says:

    Congratulation for thegraduation and welcome to 40ss 😉
    education should be free from geographic, ethnicity, religion, race, and social group isolation.

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