it doesn’t mean that i wanna tell The Swan (the ugly duckling turning into an adorable awesome goose) is fuckin tricky or awful. just wanna share the feelin i got right now, just by the checkin an old friend’s Instagram (mine is @duniaputri just in-case you readers wanna check).

i knew her since we were at secondary school. she seemed to have a naturally good body-shape since the beginning. she sometimes were clumsy. once she borrowed my belt – back then, it’s part of our school’s rule that we must wear a belt besides the uniform.

didn’t mean to say that i was cool since the beginning. damn 😝 i ain’t cool at all. and what is cool, said Shakespeare. well. okay. for such a naturally born in good-shape and look, she – that friend, was supposed to be famous. isn’t it that rule of such days, at schools. she was just like the way i am. or perhaps she was indeed popular, and i just didn’t know.

now. after years, that each of us have been through. voila 👏

she still keeps her good shape and look, she even look more beautiful – as elegant she could be. perhaps now she can and know how to do something with the cosmetics. geez, sorry. just kidding.

well, don’t care with her personal life. it’s her own business. i feel happy for her. it’s awesome. or perhaps i envy? well, so so. we were just secondary students (there’s no point of this line)

so what is the conclusion. dunno. do not expect such a conclusion from a random writing as Personal Blog (am i professional? that’s another topic..)

faculty building, Bandung
Tue, 13 May 2014


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