Well, dunno. Talking about life, each human must have their own life-path. And else. Speaking of which, there are several people who got closed to me and share their stories – and I dunno either it’s wise or silly that I trackback here and there afterwards, to figure out reasons behind.

People come and go. There are no specific criteria to be addressed friend, as time goes by. Well, you considered yourself as my very good friend? Okay, I’ll take that and thanks a lot.

Self reflection is like, meditation in this shiny lovely saturday – as I checked my Social Media and got things in mind. Nah.. So silly and lazy. I am.

There will always be some reason behind – or even just a single reason. But I don’t wanna make excuses no more. Here is here, there is there – this is this, that is that.

Dunno what to write no more. My fave title is most of the time from that ‘God, it’s me, Putri’ (original title is Margaret). Even God itself or Gods themselves is/are being busy too.

So,,, adios people..

Rented room, Saturday nite fever
10 May 2014


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