is it, because of ‘year 2013′ contains that ’13 number’ or?

not really. it’s just like the magz say: get some, and lose some.

i’m in the middle of composing my task, a lecture of Research Methods. yeah, school sucks but i like learnin – gotta be serious with my own schedule.

what’s the big deal? so that I can learn French (and Germany too – since I have a few who I knew, they are able communicating in Germany); and Korean (with Hangeul) and Japanese (with that Hiragana & Katakana), plus Polish & Lithuanian. okay, Jessica is a Frenchie. Gryte is a Lithuanian. Maria & Kasia are Polish. i like manga(s) & the human-version of Manga-into-film(s); romantic-absurd-and-FullOfFool stories of K-Drama.

damn. I wish so f*ckin much of getting a sertificate, of French.

what to say? Mum got hospitalized after falling down from the roof. lil bro hugs me, and we talked quite much (well a few sentences from a lil brother, who most of the time talked only a few words – that is such a medallion 😀 ). Dad? another speech of financial-issue (trust me, getting broke due to Fulfill the dream is awesome). a cousin (who is already became A Fam Member) is now; okay get a life there brother. then i chat and even Skype, with Half A Bule cousin (do ya know ‘bule’? it’s a call here, to any albino – well, European one; not all albinos are European right?). Mum’s relatives (Dad’s too) gathered, visited mum. and I just got crammed by the brain. oh, cool. so I do have a brain here.

whadda hell. show must go on. though I keep a thing for contemplating moment on later: reduce our idealism, for the existence. a very bean-buddy said so, by the text. what’s that supposed to mean?

Rent-room (Bandung); Monday, 11-11-2013


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