Damn. I just deleted my post. For i put password before. When i edited it, i thought it was published as a new one – so i deleted the previous, while this WP was still refreshing.

Okay. Let’s make it simple. What’s new? It’s just; i got Didit my Gingerbread Smartass-cellphone. He has a girlfriend named Vivi (a beautiful silver-brown Power Bank). The money to get them was from a commision, helped sellin momz sistah’s house.

Another new thing? Nothin. I just started my brand new life after having a stagnant-life for the whole awesome-age year (ya know, that Curt Kobain age) and fell down for myself by myself; that i straight turn-round my pathway.

Speaking of pathway, I’m now available on Path. Feel free to join mine, guys..


See the image above? Yepz. That’s my new student ID card. Yippie,,, get back to school..

Okay. Catch up on later post. Bye for now. Please comment on this story.

Bandung, 20 July 2013


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