Non! *Frenchie accent, LOL* 😀

It’s kinda like a brand new moments for me! Good life, good idea, and surely need more good food.

Lemme say hullo first: Saluuuut 😀

Well,,, we’ll see what I can do this year. More awesome writing, and surely my Frenchie 101 Lesson Time. Though I’m using Bing [dot] com sometimes, it’s an effort as well. Non! Stop usin’ bloody-damn google. Do you guys learn somekind of algorithm? Oui,,, it’s like a more-specific-way-o’-searchin. Yea,,, now you can put your faith in bing after google.

So where the heck is god? She’s busy, LOL..

Meanwhile I also learnin’ a lil bit Espanola 101. It happened coz’ I was in a middle of a chat with a friend who had a new friend writing Espanola Poetry. O deer momma mary, what’s on earth.

What’s on earth is, actually I’m gettin’ broke. Not enough money to pay bills of fun, LOL. Business is decreasing. Perhaps I gotta pray more. To momma mary? Non! Now i put my faith in trees. I knew it’s an old-fashion religion. But that is awesome! You know?! Prayin on trees! Try at home when you don’t believe it yet!

So never trust rumor that sayin 2012 is the end of all life, it’s a job of Spielberg I guess. Indeed I love astronomy still (and lil bit of astrology); and that Inca, Maya, and Aztec stories,,, but that Spielberg-aliens-thingy is such a crap guys! *devilish-smile*

So sorry, Spielberg! I knew, you earned your livin from your bloody-hell-awesome imagination…

*sigh* (-___-“)

Trust yourself and your zodiac sign, instead. Well, if you are such a theis, thet put your trust on your god whateva it’s like.

Yeah, stop sayin about god. Let’s talkin about my new look. Remember, I’m sarcastic and also have a bit narcissus-syndrome *laughin and rollin on the floor* 😀

smile, like Monalisa? non! smile like you live such a billonaire-life! 😀

This is even more shorty-hair! Look like a cutey-lil-boy, uh? 😀

Just like poor-queen in that Snow-white And The Huntsman often said; “mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of all?”. I’m murmuring my own spell, then: “Comment ca va? Oui,,, Ca va bien…

Catch up everybody! See ya, when I see ya!

*yeaaah stop it,,, i love u too readers! 😀


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  1. owww. my sister the tree worshiper? watch our for those birdies up in one of the branch. dont let them poop on your prayer

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