“Shower this Earth, with Our Love” – (No-3-B-Princess, 2011)

(Image was taken from here, which I got after do that googling thing using Universal Love as the key-word)

Someone said by the text, “if it comes from love, how can it be wrong?”

Meanwhile Shakespeare in the Play of Hamlet gave, “The course of true love never did run smooth (Act I Scene I) “

You can get more Shakespeare’s Quotes on the link I inserted.

To love means to give, and not saying sorry. That’s another quotes, which I forgot how where when and from whom I got that 😀 LOL

But, did love work that good? When it becomes possessive, I don’t think it’s good no longer.

How about Universal Love?

That’s it, that’s the point. Love is the word itself. Wars and anarchy don’t go for love, they go for possessive. Love keeps this earth spinning, the sun shining, and the heart beating – until the time for them to die of course 😉

We live to love, and we love to live, yet to love itself sometimes can be hard enough to do – especially for the Unconditional Love.

That shall be my own conclusion.

I love my country, Republik Indonesia, but most of the people who govern did not (sadly, they still don’t!) have this love.

And the least as the last, keep on loving ourselves. They who do not love themselves are just pathetic, for they keep on asking without accepting.


Margacinta, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

early of 7 January 2010


PS : Cinta could be Love in Bahasa Indonesia.


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  1. Yr. Blogger says:

    Lovely ruminations! I like this quote from the Mos Def song “Pretty Dancer”

    If you’re gonna fall in love
    then where do you stand to begin with?
    And when the fall is done
    How bad do you plan to get injured?
    And if you land on your feet,
    do it count as a fall or a jump?
    Does it feel like a fall
    when the hands that pushed you are holding you up?

    Great stuff. Beautiful blog.

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