Christmas is in December, and it’s so common to have snow around it.

Just like the gift below, I took it from Free Christmas Wallpaper.

I wish for A Snowy December

To celebrate Religious Day, sometimes gives annoying result when Narrow Mind People do the act of Fanaticism for Religion. As I wrote on my twitter for my friend “religion effect to illogical people’s respond” – for they have religion as take it for granted.

So how about the No Snow Area In December?

Well, it happens in My Country – Indonesia, and also in Africa. I took Africa since I had a sweet memory of Shakira’s OST for World Cup of 2010 – Waka Waka. Got the great clip here from U-tube. Enjoy, the spirit of this song! This Time For Africa! This time for Hot But Warm Christmas!

Africa, the Continent in which Many Countries are moving, seemed to be great. Just like I read here – All About Africa.

How about in Indonesia?

I love this country, I want to belong to this country – Indonesia. But too bad, the government works badly and sadly people still debating about religion with anarchy.

Religion is just a tool to help us to get faith. Religion could be a way to  combine theology, theosophy, and humanity.

Whether you are atheist or believer, God is there still. It is because, both of them bother the existence of God – to believe or to deny.

However, human knows less. So, just enjoy this Christmas Time for anything good – good for all. Express your joy and happiness, and share them with others.



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