Bandung, 26 October 2010

What to say? Dunno. As always. Well, so many things happened as (another) always.

What am I? I am just one whom nationality is Indonesan. I was born in Cirebon, a little town in West Java.

I do what I like to do, not what I’m supposed to do.

I’m about to be a copywriter. Another project from friends.

What surprised me was, felt like a found the old “dead” friend. Her name is Sinta. She has a serious health problem, physyically. But, it doesn’t mean that I like her for her face was similar to Nuri, that old “dead” friend.

The point is, i accepted that old “dead” friend named Nuri is no longer available for me even she was there by the first time I’ was trying to enjoy my life the way I am.

Sinta is the same Cirebon, that made me feel awesome. She speaks Basa Sunda and Basa Cirebon, another lovely thing for me.

So what is love? Still the same for me. It’s neither a verb nor a noun, it’s an adjective I guess – LOL 😀

And this is another path of the life.

When Sinta took the word must, I prefer the word want. That word – want – gimme more energy. Whatever.

Hmmm, missed old friends missed the wonderful past missed so many things.

But, let’s just facing the reality while we keep on dreaming.

Love and shit happens, whatever. I thank Lord for giving me love and shit then.

For readers, just send me email whenever you’re interested to understand this post – LOL 😀

I don’t write Good Enough on Blogs. But that what blogs means to me. Just wanna speak up my mind.

Jah bless us, then. Amen.


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  1. KutuBacaBuku says:

    you haven’t tell me about this, hee …

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