Here is that Indonesian Proverb :

Rumput di halaman tetangga selalu lebih hijau daripada rumput di halaman sendiri.

Let’s describe the meaning behind.

Rumput means grass. But, the grass is on the yard halaman, and the yard belongs to someone. Grass of other’s yard is more green than own’s yard. What might grass mean?

The point of the meaning is, that we always see other’s life better than our own. And there are reasons bad effect for it.

Life goes by the time goes, and it’s different one to another. When we keep on thinking and feeling, that we’re so deep down frustrated while other’s life seemed to be sooo lucky damn bitch/jerk (it’s just a term, okay?).

Life goes, as the time goes, and life flows, as our mind work. Yea, it’s hard to do. Since, i’m typing this while i’m still a bit trapped in that proverb situation. Meanwhile, once i wrote about this in Bahasa Indonesia for Twentea (check yourselves please, i forgot the link. LOL 😀 )

Enough for now. Do your life as you should do. Think, and feel – feel, and think. Listen to the heart, in which The Real You lay.

Cheer up the life! 🙂

Enjoy every single dumb thing in our life, and you’ll feel alive!


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