Many things happened. Well, that’s how life works I guess. Life goes on.

Anyway… The title of this post was taken from Red Hot Chili Pepper, Otherside. Dunno why. Just like there’s things i miss and need to do. What for? Just for myself. Sounds like selfish way to go, but that is good-enough-choice for the time being.

I write, I love, I broke the hearts, I read, I walk, I go, I come, I get, I lose, I fall, I wake, and much more else. But most of all : I breath still.

Once, I ever wished for friends. Ya, now I got my wish. But, perhaps afterward I forgot to make-friend with myself.  What to do, but loving and accompanying myself. Then, I could love and accompany others.

I’ve been living living with myself this far. How long it would go. Only God knows.

To be or not to be.

Self, I love you… I’d love to go with you, to the other side of you.


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