Yeah! I get involved with the team of iCAN (Indonesia Contemporary Art Network). Well, what iCAN is can be read here.

This big event is a project of NGO Coalition whom has purpose to have a kind of meaning for Children Day in Indonesia (23rd July 2010).

Take a look at the photos of it here, please 😉

What has Indonesia done so far, for the last 30years? Seemed, to be nothing.  And yet, I don’t really take NGO good, well sorry but in Indonesia Non Government Organization sounds yucks!

This is the point idea I translated from this exhibition :

This is the fact, we don’t have enough literature about children’ problems history.

Well, it’s about political will too.

Curators are Antariksa and Bambang Ertanto.

And anyway, I wanted to re-post the Artistic Director’s statement (Titarubi) :

sudah waktunya kembali ke karya sendiri, setelah belajar di ‘sekolah bebas’, belajar dari orang2 gerakan melalui artefak2 di pameran arsip. belajar sejarah dan cara2 riset dari 2 kurator. tapi kemudian bermimpi sangat ingin indonesia ini punya museum2 yang baik… sampe sedih dan mau nangis saking kepingin…

(it’s time to get back to my own work, after learning in a “non-formal school”, learning from movement people the artifacts in the archives exhibition. learning history and the ways of research of the two curators. but then dreaming that wanted Indonesia very bad to have Well Museums… get sad, and gonna cry for wanting it so bad…)

See, so that’s the big problem in Indonesia. My country is so busy with stupid things and let the Important Things blowing out by Cheap Gossips.

Well, enough for now. Hope, I do love Indonesia and still want to be Indonesian for my nationality – L O L ^^


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  1. I really liked this article. Thanks

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