In A Book of Prays for Special Needs, printed by Ravi, I found a very very very great story. Even I consider that story, as a Holy Monologue Script. Or else, a modern pray.

The book itself, is in Bahasa Indonesia. The prays belongs to religion of Catholic.

One night
I had a dream I
was walking along the
beach with the Lord; and
across the skies flashed
scenes from my life. In each
scenes I noticed two sets of foot
prints in the sand and to my surprise,
I noticed that many times along the
path of my life there was only one
set of foot prints. And I noticed that
it was at the lowest and saddest
times in my life. I asked the Lord
about it. Lord you said once
I decided to follow you, you
would walk with me all the
way. But I notice that during the most trouble
sometimes in my life
there is only one set of
footprints. I don’t under-
stand why you left my side
when I needed you most
The Lord said: “My precious
child, I never left you during
your time or trial where
you see only one set
of footprints. I was
carrying you”

* * *

Well, okay. This script seemed to be unlogic. But, hullo… God is That Al Mighty.

So for sure, Lord or That God could carry each of us whenever we need.

But the point is, this could make me have more and more faith on My God.

Don’t say about Religion to me.

I feel now, like I’m being with Mother Marry (this Holy Mother came from Religion of Catholic), God of Ganesha (God of Knowledge, from India Culture), and The Ar-Rahim (God of Islam, means have a Great Love for All).

Whatever it is, I’m trying now to keep faith on God that gave me life. Whatever will be, will be. God is Great, God is with me…


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