It was Nitnot twitted “regarding the way of thinking, “in the box’ is the new ‘outside the box“.  So I replied (in my twit, of for sure) “in the box’ is the new ‘outside the box’ uh? so the problem is trouble : and it is that box itself. whaddaya think?!“.

That’s it, I shall copied our tweeps into a mini dialogue below.

Anyway, Nitnot is a nickname I gave to my friend Noudie (read it as “noo”-“dee”). Well, he claimed himself as tech-lover, creative-freak, entrepreneur-at-work.

Nitnot : hehehe, i always think that ‘the box’ as a symbol of our mindframe 🙂 while in communication, ‘mindframe’ could be construct as context

Putri (means, me) : yes, Noudie. so when the “box” is the “mind-frame” it’s the problem of that “box”, still. or directly : Your Mind Frame is the Problem! 😉

Nitnot : I can’t say that the box is the problem. It’s just about your perception of that box is the problem 🙂

Me : no you didn’t say any problem 😉 but FYI the world problem here doesn’t always represent for bad meaning. for problems keep us alive.

Nitnot : because like it or not, that box was,, is and will always be there.

Me : see, that’s it Noudie. the box will forever be there, as we – you and i and others – are alive still.

Nitnot : seemed like we do need more than just 140 characters to discuss it..

Me : yeah Noudie. and i shall borrow your Idea-of-Box as that Mind Frame, for my own writing. just for my blog. cool idea, you know. don’t mind uh?

And so, Noudie allowed me.

And here we go. Got an image about brain from – let’s say, a new college from Ruang Freelance (a Bahasa Indonesia Blog, for them or who-ever who claimed themselves as freelancers). The tittle of that image is, Do you find my brain? Please check yourself. I’m too lazy to move the image here (seems like quite many manual things I need to do).

I don’t think I need brain just to make me think. As I often make fun about this fact in my Community (Gardu – Sinau).

We gathered here for we didn’t have any brain!

The blocked-quote is my fave statement with Gardu Community.

We’re human somehow, so we are able to think. Plants and animals don’t. But, it doesn’t mean that we think by ourselves, or else suddenly without any influence(s).

Related to that Frame-Mind that Nitnot mentioned above, your mind (in which, or reason why you can think) could be compared as a box. Whether it (the way you think – or else, your thought) shall be in or outside the box, depends on your own will.

We have a social life, don’t we? As I read The Social Media Bubble, I got interesting statments :

  • The social isn’t about beauty contests and popularity contests.
  • It’s about trust, connection, and community.

We communicate to share the contents of our own boxes.  Note – based on the statements I re-wrote above – that, we do not communicate or else think to get the best. So when you keep the box closed, that would be a pitty of you. For you won’t break your own Mind Frame, and let yourself be stagnant.

And the conclusion of these whole bubbles is, I wrote down my arguments for why I stated that The Problem as The Trouble is The Box, which is The Mind Frame.

Problem doesn’t always represent bad meaning. I did mention so. And whether any of us decided to keep The Box Closed, it’s their business – their own problem. At least, they chose something.


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