“I can make it through the rain, i can stand up once again. On my own, and I know that I’m strong enough to mend… blaaah … ” forgot the rest of the lyrics. That’s it. Mariah Carey : Through The Rain.

And so, i was there. In a park through the rain – crying for something that i would regret that i had cried for. What a young age. For I didn’t know what to say and whom I could talk to.

Nyahaha, i was reading Mel’s Posting : My Life According to Copeland. Then her poem in Bahasa Indonesia and her own quote about rain. That, she said in her quote : love walking in the rain so no one knows that she’s crying. Then I found other poem in Bahasa Indonesia – belongs to Ria who wrote there that she was born in Tanjung Karang for i remember that great female poet who was born in Tanjung Karang too : Dina Octaviani, while Ria Octaviansari was still talking about rain and that word : park!

Is there any relation between those similar name? Don’t know and don’t care..

I tried to re-write Mel’s Poem into English :

tittle : I Wished for Rain Tonight

rain, please come to me

make my body wet with your droplets

so that your droplets shall become one with mine

let’s get in droplets of tears

sweep him out!

*   **   ***   **   *

Then Ria’s Post : “I’m Waiting for You in This Park” (part 1) and “Rain” (part 2)

Part 1 :

this park is the place in which i’m waiting for you

among those hurted birds

for you’ll be back there

to see the dancing trees as the wind blows

i’m still here in this park, to wait for you

since in your town

dreams are so crowded in the air

that i hardly can breath the clear air

and i’m stil waiting for you

till the dry murder the trees

and the thirsty land too

as my flesh dissolves to the wind

and the time gets dance in my bones

among those smell of dead bodies

that gets straight to your nose to tell :

i am waiting (still)

Part 2 :

droplet by droplet

through the soil

the smell dissolves to the air

reminds me of

our first meet

on one holly and,,

(almost) dark evening..

as i see from my window

a puddle of water fills my yard

and small feet moving here and there

and tear the wet ceramics

let’s just play with me

while the rain visits us here

*   **   ***   **   *

And so now I created my own Poem :

Me and Rain

I’ll dissolve my tears in the rain.

I’ll free myself from the pain.

As nothing more to be affraid of.

Even if the feelings are still blushy to show off.

I’ll dissolve my tears in the rain.

I’ll free myself from the pain.

Won’t let the world know.

These undefined sorrow.


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3 responses »

  1. and so, i was bubbling too in my Mother Tongue :
    i wished for rain o dear lord in every where you are 😦

  2. tuteh says:

    Jadi inget lagu jadul;

    listen to the rythm of the fallin’ rain *kalo salah tulis pahamilah ya* hehehehe

    Salam kenal… makasih banyak dah main ke blog saya 😀

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