It was Nico “Broer” Permadi who created this. I don’t know. Beng Sut insisted me to show in my blogs that this belongs to Nico.

Yeah, Deke Isun means Belong To Me. Or else, in Slang Bahasa Indonesia means : punya gewe. Gewe showed first subject, I. Or the possesive pronoun : my, mine. Or even object : me.

So far, I have been using this icon for my Plurk Site.

PS : now i’m rather busy. after making another poem as always, i need to go back with my novels :Night in  Chaos, and Harry Potter 6. my jobs are waiting to be accomplished. get bored with my own self anxiety. and also, i’m searching for my first art work next year.

This Blog, is Deke Isun..!


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