i contemplated to figure out the undefined things in life. since, many things happened for the last few days. most of all, my love to ciheu disappeared. as i felt betrayed by Mam Pimpie n Mowmow her bitch. one thing : why they didn’t tell me anything if there’s indeed changes that she, and they think, i will destroy their changes when i was allowed to gather again with them? they might just told me to do this or that or telling me not to do this or that..

they just dumped me out. i was sad. and i felt disappointed.

but i’m healed. first of all, titarubi got these statements. reasons why i like them so much ( web guy first, then the artist) :

  1. The Web Developer Guy – aren’t you often being ignored?
  2. The Immortal-Artist – why you kept angry like grannies?

well, sieztah tita defined me almost perfect.

meanwhile, i was home alone so i insisted heroe boeloe n bohay to accompany for a while. they came!

here we go with the photos :

Home Alone : Boeloeboeloe above, and herou below :

Home Alone Heroei forgot to capture bohay.

last, i was dating with my friend. he has a girl. so i was dating with one’s boyfriend. huff, like i care uhh?

show must go on! keep on with the love and the life.. I LOVE you.. huhu,,


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