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Rice has four meanings in Indonesian.

First is padi. It is the harvest in the field – wet rice field to be exact, since this first translation of rice grows in wet condition.

The second is gabah; the unhusked. It means that it’s still covered with a dry outer. The farmers should hull it first to get the next translation of RICE.

So the third meaning of rice is beras. It’s already hulled. But people could not eat this beras, they need to cook it first.

Hence, the fourth or the last translation of this RICE is nasi. Nasi is ready to be eaten, like bread ready to be eaten too.

As a matter of fact, there are other countries who also eat rice as their primary carbohydrate source. Such as Malaysia, Japan, and… I don’t know what else.

But since there are so many variants of rice, in this case the variants refer to padi, the taste of the rice should be different one country to another.

Why rice is said to be the Indonesian Main Food?

I heard this custom from my aunt. She, my aunt of course, will say that she already has her meals only when she already eats rice.

She said, that’s the custom of Indonesian people.

But I have my own opinion to accomplish her statement.

That custom works in the regions of Indonesia who produce and consume rice.

It was said that other region in Indonesia may have other main food, instead of rice, as their primary carbohydrate source. Such as sagu.

Sagu is hard white grains made from the soft inside of a type of PALM tree. Well, it is written in my Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.

Back to our topic about rice.

The cooked one also has many variants.

Fried rice is one of the variants of rice that has comparison in English.

I think I can make my own anecdote.

When there’s a person saying that he or she did not eat yet (or probably did not feel like he or she already ate), I guarantee that she or he must be an Indonesian.

It’s so Indonesian, eating rice is a must!

What do you all say about that? Hahaha!

Please make your own comments.


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