I am so,,, in such a deep anger. Of myself. Of my past. Of those who gave me birth. next, i might blame God somewhere high up there, huh? That I didn’t have the useful ability :  playing guitar and traditional dancing and riding motorcycle.

I hated that time went by without I was there. I experienced myself a few times.  I am not done yet with myself!

And so, i was listening Sexy Naughty Bitchy Me – a song of Tata Young. I’d like to represent myself as Bloody Bitchginner who is A Lovely Danger Smartass. I won’t stop yelling for what I dislike for what is naturaly creepy not human! Well, am I human anyway?

Well, I read this Damn Article : Learn A ‘Foreign’ Culture By Learning Another Language and yes, I’m bleeding again here inside!

Who am I? I’m lost of myself here.. I don’t know my own local language in which I was born. I was too high class. Meanwhile my High School Friend who is Bloody Damn Rich is having her wedding party and I am about to attend it after this!

I just can’t describe myself. Help!

Bloody Damn Sunday, October 17th 2009


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  1. Samalona says:


    B = Beautiful
    I = Intelligent
    T = Talented
    C = Charming
    H = Horny

    Haha, I forgot the last part, the real one.

  2. well, check this out then..

    i just remember i have that image. feel free to share comments with me okay dear buddy ^^

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