I was about to do my new activity, doing my own Scrap Book.

I already got my drawing book to make that Scrap Book. I also got my new pair of scissors and a brand new double tip.

But I am such a lazy girl, I did not do anything yet since the first day I decided to get my own Scrap Book!

And so, I could not say that the new activity of mine – that was not even started yet – is my hobby, or even my new hobby.

Anyway, there’s a few friends of mine who did not know about what A Scrap Book is meant.

I think it’s just similar with the newspaper clippings thing, but we may put pictures, or even theatre tickets of your dating instead of that newspaper pages.

Then we may make different themes one to another, perhaps it would be like a short story. Only in the Scrap Book, the words are supposed to be subtituted by pictures and other symbols.

According to my Webster New World Dictionary (well, it’s an American English one), Scrap Book – a noun – is a book of blank pages for mounting newspaper clippings, pictures, souvenir, etc.

Whether or not, making a Scrap Book can be considered as a hobby.

Or you may kill time doing that activity.

I think I found the last definition of that Scrap Book things, it could be like your own diary!

What else to say?

Enjoy your time with any kind of activities you’re doing wherever you are buddies…

* * *

PS : by the time i repost this,  i already sent My Sracp Book Gift to dear Mr.NiceGUY whom i liked (like, still) as his Bird Day Gift. nah! (Australian Accent wanna be..) that Statement : Bird Day is from that Birth Day. just trying to make a joke, somehow..


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