There were two friends of mine said that bipolar was likely bisexual or even double personality.

Hence, I’d like to give more information about bipolar.

Remember this, that BIPOLAR is NOT a same thing with bisexual – but maybe, it has several similarity with a double personality.

From the word bi, means double.

The polar itself, is a term for opposite polar – like south and north polar, which shows the difference of behaviors.

There are depression and mania in bipolar. People commonly think that it’s just a moody behaviour (British word – behavior;  American English word).

According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, the moody term that might be a bipolar is described as having mood that change quickly and often.

What makes it danger is when that mood turned to be like a roller coaster, or the feelings change easily.

Manic episode represents the cheer behaviors. But, since it’s an unhealthy term, that behavior is over dosage.

And the opposite is depression episode which represents the depressed behaviours.

As manic episode shows an over-reaction, the depression episode does too.
The point is, that both manic and depressed are over loaded, and they changes easily.

But most of the people think that they might need a help when they are in the depression episode, or when they think that they are really depressed and need a help.

I read in INTISARI, June Edition of 2008 – a kind of magazine name published in Indonesia an article about bipolar, to complete my essay based on my interview with Doctor Yuli.

For your information only, Doctor Yuli had a bachelor deegree in faculty of medecine, then she continued her study psichiatry. Now she had her title as a psychiatrist.

Below, I wrote down the symptomps/indications of both manic and depression episode.

Manic episode symptomps :

  • over joy (being too happy)
  • extreme optimism
  • an increasing pride
  • talk too fast or too talkalktive
  • having too much in mind as if too many ideas are having a competition inside it
  • aggressive behaviour
  • agitating behaviour
  • having an increasing in physical activities
  • can not focus on something
  • the concentration which have been made is hard to keep
  • being kinda like a shopaholic
  • having a behaviour with too much risk
  • feeling like do not need to sleep
  • tend to be a sex maniac
  • drug abuse

Depression episode symptomps :

  • desperately sad
  • losing hope
  • having a high level of worry(-ies)
  • feeling guilty
  • sleeping time disorder (for example : insomnia)
  • appetite disorder
  • feeling too tired
  • losing interest in hobby(-ies) or daily activities
  • hard to concentrate or focus on something
  • irritability (from the root word irritable – get annoyed easily)
  • feeling like having a chronic disease without clear indications
  • being suicidal; having an idea of suicide and even did it seriously



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