ciheu in memory o party

ciheu in memory o party

I was there. See, that is me..

It was kinda farewell party of ours. In Ciheulang 4A Bandung, our lovely rent-house at the moment.

Anyway, now I am back to my mum&pap’s house. Dealing with myself. Well, I didn’t find any archives so I’d better stop and try again next time – soon.

By the way, actually I wanted to move my latest emotionally blog from my Indonesian One. Mmm, seemed like I blew up myself off my head. Yeah! You know, that I suffer a self-anxiety.

Here we go, with that impolite post :

(tittle : Bloody Damn Daughter. posted on Oct 1st 2009)

Well, it’s been so long since my latest English Blog being banned. I don’t know. My friend Brotha-Daniez made me that shit. And I just use that.

Well, I become a lil bit emotional and feminist. This is about me being such Mom’s Best Rival. I don’t know I hate her for being so stuuuuupid for much of her time. The fuckin’ point is when she inserted me into her silly-things she made.

Anyway, I got info about Djenar, my Fave Author. She was pointed as a porn-writer here, in Indonesia. But she is not.. Jarene Wong sih : Sastrawan Selangkangan. I even get the author of Ko Ping Ho in which I thought that author was really from China!

I dunno. Too tired and my bloody damn connection was too idiot to help me creating good post now. So, no photos neither story. I’m just a bit too angry to myself.

Anyway, Bruer celebrated his Bird-Day Party in Saung last tuesday. I came the next wednesday. Took photo with him and Gemblunk. Abenk took our picture. Next, I’LL show you the story and the photo included.

Isun kudu duwe blog Nginggris maning kih. Urang kudu boga blog Nginggris deui yeuh. I need to have my Bloody-Damn-Shit-English-Blog.

and, I like that style : DEKE ISUN (deke isun means Punya Gue / MINE)

so bloody fuckin time. and dear cousin overthere in Yorkshire.. I’LL be going to somewhere over this world when you visited me and my mum&dad’s family. hardly can’t get what is meant by that fuckin’ shit term of : family??!

as Lily Allen said in her song *Fuck You* : fuck you,,, fuck you very very muuuuucccchhhh

PS : my working partner put his hand over my hand, like that for a while but still I love Bruer and Gemblunk and also Abenk and Boeloe and Heru and Japuy and Dian more.. especially : Bruer and Gemblunk.. LOVE YOU both guys, LOVE you all GUYS..!! including papah, means father, our Great Guru *well, he’s the oldest and of course as they said they have respect on him and i like that old man too since i like them..*


Well, next I’LL show you more. Don’t miss me *__*





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  1. Samalona says:

    Hiya there. Keep on blogging!

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