That is a tittle of a song, The Cure. But indeed, I am in love. I have been falling in love with that sh*t Web Developer Guy. Even though he’s gone, out of my life (oh, I was wrong.. I’m begging you..” see, I’m singing a song again now! She’s Gone, from Steelheart) from now on, I can’t just remove that feeling suddenly.

Anyway, I had a little Mommy-Daughter chat just now (while I’m typing this) about tenses. So, I would be like as if I’m promising something : I will have gone to New Zealand by 2011. Oh come on, I’m just trying to convience myself  anyway.

I love writing and it’s like my heart pumping automatically – so I won’t stop writing ^^

Yet, I told myself that I would record any process in Gardu (do you still remember uh? Gardu, that Sinau Art Course..) in my Photo Blog and in this Standard One.

Back to the love feeling, I like Jason Miraz’s very much. Here, I give you the link to it, in my friend’s Multiply : Lucky. Enjoy!

I still have my data for that pity-banned-blog in my PC. I will just have to spend extra energy to re-post them. I have to, I must. They are my history.

P.S. : Next on Gardu – Bersih-Bersih Lingkungan, bersih-bersih means a kind of informal invitation, the purpose is to clean up the environment (lingkungan = environment)

Another P.S. : I’m still dealing with the lay out of this blog. I like the colour, but the portions preserved are a bit annoying. Perhaps, I’m just to fuzzy. Oh, okay! Not so important.

Until next time!


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