Well, first of all : thank to the technology in which I can write something and share to others.

Next, thank to God the almighty that I can put away This Lazy Feeling so that I can make a new account for my blog. Yes, I do still believe in God. But don’t ask the religion thing okay? i don’t really deal with that.

Okay, next..!

I had one, but it was banned. I don’t know why. Before this one, even before my latest banned English Blog, I have my Indonesian and Photo.

Take a look on this image below. I put my plurk-account, yes I did edit the html code in it. And a shout-box. And most important thing is I inserted links to show any visitors the others world I’m dealing with. I may say they are my galaxy.

Screen Shoot of My Indonesian Blog

Screen Shoot of My Indonesian Blog

This image below, is my Photo Blog. I also write something, much more about a common information. And reviews in My Version for books I read and films I watched.

screen shoot My Photo Blog

screen shoot My Photo Blog

Anyway, multiply – in which I have my photoblog – is part of network Societies. So, I already had many friends there. Still open my account for new other friends.

Actually, now I’m twitting too. Bwahahaha.. I dedicated my self as A Blessed Poor Word Artist.

All are BLACK. Yeah, I love the mysterious black!

I think it’s enough for now. Next, I will post my previous posts in that unfortunate banned blog o’ mine.

To be or not to be! My English Blog is Re-Born..!!!



sometimes a little pink (not only red and orange) is not a sin ^^


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