because life begins at 40

therefore, i have time to plot my life back on its path. nope. nope that social media named mPath. so, let’s start Lazy Blogger! just like what i posted on my Indonesian version of Princess’ Archieve Closet, i start this with something ya’all say: contemplation.

a friend congratulated my master graduation in an expression that, normally (or kind of communal say),:is addressed for mariage. “selamat menempuh hidup baru, Mput!” which means, literally, welcome to your new life. and that really, reflects my achievement. i finished what i’ve started though i started it wrong.

the campus was Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, the department is Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris. a uni that deals with education, and the expected output was, developing or learning (?) the English teaching in Indonesia which, i am not that interested. this following picture shall start the explanation.

i am interested in the hybrid-knowledge. linguistics with anthropology and forensics. that, shall be a passion. as i am calling the uiverse now, by composing this post, i try to maintain my competence of local languanges (Sunda and Cirebon; Sunda is also a tribe but Cirebon is a transit area, my homeland) while willing to learn more other languages.

i will still struggle my willing but, life is a choice. uh..

anyway, as a lazy blogger, i also try to make myself commit blogging. meanwhile i am writing this post, i am thinking of the interesting knowledge i learned during my master: English Grammar and that syntax tree. or “tatangkalan sintaks” in Sunda language. damn cool knowledge for my mind.

in addition (this kind of conjunction, thanks to Thesis writing), i wonder about the idea, and in practice, of Room to Read. excuse me? nah! I am that Indonesian who ain’t hell care with ‘pursuing marriage in order to be complete’ for I myself, is already complete. hang on, did i grammaticlly correct? what did i try to say? i just want to live my life to the fullest.

to close this scattered-writing, the imge below shall give an additional explanation of what makes me give my focus and state it: this is it!

am i gettin older? nah! i don’t feel like it. que serra que serra, uh.. SAPERE AUDE! \(>_<)/

Regards from This so-damn-exotic Blogger 

12.35 A.M. of monday. 9 january 2017.


Plagiarism Needs a Better Definition

This is a must read…! All the sh*t comes about: beware of plagiarism. #campus-thing, my campus currently.


There’s this parable that economists always tell.

Your car breaks down and you take it to the mechanic. He opens the hood and looks at your engine for a few seconds. Then he takes out a little hammer and taps it on the top. Suddenly it works again.

‘That’ll be $100,’ he says.
‘But all you did was make a little tap!’ you protest.
‘The tap, that’s $1,’ he says. ‘Knowing where to tap, that’s $99.’

Like everyone else who writes for a living, I’ve been reading the Fareed Zakaria plagiarism allegations with a knot in my stomach.

Here’s what we know so far:

In 2012, Zakaria blatantly yoinked a Jill Lepore (love her!) paragraph in an article he wrote about gun control. He got busted and he apologized.

Dude has written for legit every publication, so his current employer and his alma maters investigated his old work for copy-pastage. They…

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Being Time in Kenya with Heidegger

Will be checking later on. Yes, too much reading kills. I am currently in that state.

Global Sojourns Photography

Kenya Maasai Mara Africa-22

The concept of time is fascinating. From physics to philosophy, the notion of time is difficult to define.

From our normal existence in the world, we often define time as ‘fleeting’ in the sense there is never enough. Frustration builds as the majority of time is spent catching up on work…work that is always running further and further away.

Kenya Maasai Mara Africa-19

The more worry about time, the less there is.

This has been the script for me this year.  Just as I am ready to celebrate and enjoy autumn, this great season is fading fast.

Back in September, I noticed the leaves turning color. But instead of picking up my coat and heading out, I dropped my head for a quick analysis of work and business only to look up a couple of months later to find winter staring me in the face.

Kenya Maasai Mara Africa-15

Pushing open the window, a gust of cold wind…

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A little story after the whole CROWD.

Well. What to start?
First of all there was Thesis Proposal deadline, yeaaa deadline – not just dateline.
Secondly, meanwhile there was Conaplin 7. An international conference of applied linguistics. I forgot the theme now, later on.
Meanwhile during the previous two: there was WALS World Association of Lesson Study, 2014. I was a volunteer for Interpreter Team. Got contacts with others. As I also introduce my own Institution: LKP Putri Gemilang (q nonformal education institution, most likely courses – specific in languages, so far there are English and Indonesian for foreigner using English as A Lingua Franca.

That’s all for now. Later on I will share real writing and the photos. Hohoho,,,

At a kind of junkfood cafe,
Bandung 28 Nov 2014.

The (real) Swan did exist

it doesn’t mean that i wanna tell The Swan (the ugly duckling turning into an adorable awesome goose) is fuckin tricky or awful. just wanna share the feelin i got right now, just by the checkin an old friend’s Instagram (mine is @duniaputri just in-case you readers wanna check).

i knew her since we were at secondary school. she seemed to have a naturally good body-shape since the beginning. she sometimes were clumsy. once she borrowed my belt – back then, it’s part of our school’s rule that we must wear a belt besides the uniform.

didn’t mean to say that i was cool since the beginning. damn 😝 i ain’t cool at all. and what is cool, said Shakespeare. well. okay. for such a naturally born in good-shape and look, she – that friend, was supposed to be famous. isn’t it that rule of such days, at schools. she was just like the way i am. or perhaps she was indeed popular, and i just didn’t know.

now. after years, that each of us have been through. voila 👏

she still keeps her good shape and look, she even look more beautiful – as elegant she could be. perhaps now she can and know how to do something with the cosmetics. geez, sorry. just kidding.

well, don’t care with her personal life. it’s her own business. i feel happy for her. it’s awesome. or perhaps i envy? well, so so. we were just secondary students (there’s no point of this line)

so what is the conclusion. dunno. do not expect such a conclusion from a random writing as Personal Blog (am i professional? that’s another topic..)

faculty building, Bandung
Tue, 13 May 2014

Life Lesson

Well, dunno. Talking about life, each human must have their own life-path. And else. Speaking of which, there are several people who got closed to me and share their stories – and I dunno either it’s wise or silly that I trackback here and there afterwards, to figure out reasons behind.

People come and go. There are no specific criteria to be addressed friend, as time goes by. Well, you considered yourself as my very good friend? Okay, I’ll take that and thanks a lot.

Self reflection is like, meditation in this shiny lovely saturday – as I checked my Social Media and got things in mind. Nah.. So silly and lazy. I am.

There will always be some reason behind – or even just a single reason. But I don’t wanna make excuses no more. Here is here, there is there – this is this, that is that.

Dunno what to write no more. My fave title is most of the time from that ‘God, it’s me, Putri’ (original title is Margaret). Even God itself or Gods themselves is/are being busy too.

So,,, adios people..

Rented room, Saturday nite fever
10 May 2014

Pragmatics 101

This post is first, due to ‘updating’ and the second (and as most important as the first): due to ‘sit in activity’ during the Language In Use class.
The dialogs in the baloon-text are in Bahasa Indonesia.
While the text on the dialog between the dog and the woman is in English.
Enjoy the lesson of Applied Language (hey, that’s my term – don’t take it to the Academic World).




Rent Room, 11 April 2014.
PS: wish i can get it for thesis-session. dealing with the ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). nah,,, i am so bubbling…

New Year and new-me

Not a really new-me. Just, a better me I guess.

Anyway, the lost device had been gone to hell. With the screw-thieve. Now it’s Josephine (IdeaTab 1000) replacing for Didit RIP (Galaxy Mini II).

My biggest problem is on Time Management. Aaah.

That’s all for now. I just wanna keep on, writing. Writing is my passion, as I figured out a couple years ago.

Panorama 54C, Bandung
Very damn early of January Eleventh 2014.

Laila Majnun on the Night Sky after the Rain

three of them lying on a wide bed

seems to paint their life with color of red

the black shall not make them sad


three of them flying their mind up the roof

seems to keep the goodness of love

the bitter they walked through shall not stop them groove


two of them and Laila

one of them wishes to beat Caligula

without willing to get Nirvana


two of them shall pass the night

without willing to make right

one of them just need more light


for the rest story to redeem

belongs to this night and the two of them

but not for one who sings the anthem


striving from diversity

surviving from lullaby

struggling from insanity


room of Mameh T, 10122013

(un)lucky number

is it, because of ‘year 2013′ contains that ’13 number’ or?

not really. it’s just like the magz say: get some, and lose some.

i’m in the middle of composing my task, a lecture of Research Methods. yeah, school sucks but i like learnin – gotta be serious with my own schedule.

what’s the big deal? so that I can learn French (and Germany too – since I have a few who I knew, they are able communicating in Germany); and Korean (with Hangeul) and Japanese (with that Hiragana & Katakana), plus Polish & Lithuanian. okay, Jessica is a Frenchie. Gryte is a Lithuanian. Maria & Kasia are Polish. i like manga(s) & the human-version of Manga-into-film(s); romantic-absurd-and-FullOfFool stories of K-Drama.

damn. I wish so f*ckin much of getting a sertificate, of French.

what to say? Mum got hospitalized after falling down from the roof. lil bro hugs me, and we talked quite much (well a few sentences from a lil brother, who most of the time talked only a few words – that is such a medallion 😀 ). Dad? another speech of financial-issue (trust me, getting broke due to Fulfill the dream is awesome). a cousin (who is already became A Fam Member) is now; okay get a life there brother. then i chat and even Skype, with Half A Bule cousin (do ya know ‘bule’? it’s a call here, to any albino – well, European one; not all albinos are European right?). Mum’s relatives (Dad’s too) gathered, visited mum. and I just got crammed by the brain. oh, cool. so I do have a brain here.

whadda hell. show must go on. though I keep a thing for contemplating moment on later: reduce our idealism, for the existence. a very bean-buddy said so, by the text. what’s that supposed to mean?

Rent-room (Bandung); Monday, 11-11-2013